Free Yoga class with Martina Di Febo – on line

This Vinyasa class (beginner-intermediate level) allows to move smoothly
between asanas. We will bring the attention to the parts of the body
which are blocked and less open, learning to know our body in deep,
observing the feelings between the beginning and the end of the
Classes will be in English
If you want to join us – contact e-mail to the teacher:
BIO our teacher Martina Di Febo
There are many reasons why some of us decide to make space for yoga in
their own lives. Yoga practice, which involves mind and body, starts
when something „clicks” in our mind, when we realize something that we
didn’t pay attention to previously, following events that change the
course of our life or simply because we feel it is time to think about
I started to practice Iyengar yoga in 2015, when the main result I
wanted to achieve was to find relief for my mind constantly trapped in
thoughts. Practiced with perseverance and dedication, asana and
meditation techniques allow me to observe changes at a physical and
mental level, day by day. It is a never ending journey of self-discovery
and discovery of my own potential.
In 2019 I decided to know what else is hidden behind the veil of those
stunning poses, attending a 200-hrs yoga teacher training. I am a
certified Hatha and Vinyasa yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance® and I
teach yoga in Italian and English.



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mar 16 2020


18:30 - 19:30


Centrum Wielokulturowe on line


Centrum Wielokulturowe
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