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Autumn evenings with board games – jesienne wieczory z planszówkami w języku angielskim

We will meet every week on Fridays from 5:30 P.M.
Living in a big city often means feeling lonely in a crowd, so why not meet some new people and have some fun at the same time?
Apart from the obviously enjoyable time spent in good company, with a cup of tea and some biscuits, at each meeting we will try to introduce you to one multicultural game. You will learn about its origins, rules and history.
We have quite a lot of board games to choose from, but we are also open to your suggestions.
If you have your favourite game but no one to play it with, you already know when to take it to the Multicultural Centre


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gru 09 2022


17:30 - 19:30


Centrum Wielokulturowe

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