WHO? The Multicultural Centre

WHAT? 280 m2 of space

FOR WHOM? For anyone who wants to organise an event which promotes multiculturalism or neighbourhood integration. For individuals, NGOs, schools and institutions, informal initiatives etc…

Please have a look at our detailed offer of meeting rooms. In total we provide 280 m2 of space, out of which 160 m2 is located on the ground floor, and 120 m2 on the first floor. The ground floor is a large open space in which only one event is possible to occur at the same time, however, it may accommodate up to 100 people. Simultaneously, the first floor space may hold up to three events at once, preferably workshops.



The Ukraine hall offers 110 m2 of space at your disposal. The hall can accommodate up to 100 people. It has a stage, so it may contain larger events such as performances, concerts and conferences. It also works well for multicultural lessons, neighbourhood workshops, and other types of meetings. The hall is equipped with a projector, screen, and sound system, so it is excellent for film screenings (we also offer a notebook if needed). There are chairs, tables, and comfortable benches available. Additionally, the hall is situated next to the Culinary Atlas corner, where you can organise catering. At your request, we provide boilers and dishes.


The Warsaw hall offers 50 m2 of space at your disposal after 5 PM. The time limit is caused by its direct adjacency to the Registry Office for Foreigners. Due to that, before 5 PM the Warsaw hall acts as a waiting room. In the hall there is a children's corner equipped with multiple toys, games, and colouring books. It is a perfect space for organising activities for children or gatherings at the tables.


On the first floor there are situated two workshop rooms and two offices, with a total of 120 m2 of space at your disposal. The first floor space may hold up to three events at once. Please look at the descriptions of each room below.


Sala Somalia to 60m2 do Waszej dyspozycji. Może pomieścić do 40 osób. Wyposażona  w rzutnik, ekran, nagłośnienie, flipchart, PC. W sali znajduje się wykładzina, istnieje możliwość dostawienia krzeseł składanych. Sala doskonale sprawdza się na warsztaty, próby teatralne i spektakle.


Sala warsztatowa Erytrea to 35 m2 do Waszej dyspozycji. Sala może pomieścić do 25 osób. Wyposażona jest w stoły i krzesła oraz rzutnik, ekran, nagłośnienie, flipchart. Doskonała na warsztaty i spotkania robocze w większym gronie.


The larger of the offices - Vietnam - has 20 m2 of space at your disposal, the smaller - Peru - 10 m2. The offices can accommodate up to 10 and 5 people respectively. They are intended for consultations, counselling, and meetings in small groups.


You can book rooms for your events taking place between 10 AM and 7 PM. Please click below for the



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